Two Million Steps So Far in 2021

Yesterday the second million step milestone for 2021 was crossed. The year is nearly half over, so that means in order to hit at least 5 million steps this year I will need to pick up the pace. However, we are now in the summer months, with the hotter weather brings more of a push to get in the miles either early morning or late in the evening, when the weather is cooler.

8,000 Total Miles Walked

With yesterdays miles walked, I am now officially over 8,000 miles walked since 2017. The push is to get as close to 10,000 miles walked by the end of 2021, however, I don’t see hitting that milestone before the end of the year. This pandemic is really taking a toll on so many people, and that including my own mental health. Pushing to get to this years goal of 2,021 miles nonetheless.

Step Count Coming to Site

Starting at the beginning of 2020 I recorded the daily step count, in addition to the daily miles. This information has been publicly available via a Google Sheet. The plan has been to transfer that information here as well.

Today, September 26, 2020, I have begun to add in the daily step counts, which will be auto calculated at the week & month levels, just like miles. Some tweaking to the plugin I developed for tracking activity, beginning on my campaign site and transitioned to my personal site were necessary. Those tweaks are in place and the number for August 30th through September 25th have been added for 2,020 and the rest will be added over the remaining portion of this weekend.

Update: September 27, 2020 1:24AM: All remaining daily steps for 2020 have been entered and the total steps for the year is now displayed only at the top with the other overall metrics. Corrected that from being display in each section.

2020 Mile Marker Correction

Went back and took a look at my fitness tracking app (Google Fit) and between app issues I assumed based on GPS gaps and the way I walk, as well as simple human errors, I netted just over 22 miles as tweeted about on September 03, 2020. Have gone through and made those adjustments and just today made the remaining necessary mile marker corrections to the 2020 tracking page. With the corrections, I kept the originally tracked date of completion for those markers that were adjusted to remain fully transparent.

1400 Miles Walked So Far In 2020

Hitting mile 1400 for the year on September 01, 2020 is huge. So huge in fact that compared to 2019, I did not hit mile 1,400 until November 17th. Add on top the #COVID19 pandemic and wearing a face covering when I walk. to hit this milestone this quickly is huge. Add in that this is the first full calendar year’s worth of walking I will complete as a #Vegan and things are even more amazing. So much for Vegan’s suffering from vitamin or mineral deficiency, huh?

The plan is to complete this years walk goal of 2,020 miles walked by Halloween by working to push out 10 miles per day until then. And as always, the miles are transparently disclosed on a daily basis as well as per 100 miles walked on the Vegan Miles page.

2,500 Vegan Miles Walked

On August 12, 2020, the 2500 mile marker was crossed for miles walked since going Vegan back on March 15, 2019. While it was nearly a month from the day I decided to be Vegan until I crossed the first 100 miles, that was based on the pace at which I walked to knock down miles in 2019. This last mile marker fell 10 days after the previous mile marker of 2,400 on August 02, 2020.

You can view all mile markers, both in total since going Vegan, as well as broken down by year on the Vegan Miles activity page.

Transparent Disclosures

Spent some time overnight and a little this afternoon to get up items from my 2020 Presidential Campaign site.

  • A big chuck of my Navy Records can be found by clicking the Navy Documents Link on my Employment History, located under Work and Criminal History link in the sidebar.
  • Redacted pay stubs previously posted to the campaign site are up. I will be clearing the back log of paystubs from where I seem to have left off to present. These can be found under the Financial Disclosure link in the sidebar. Also coming will be my tax returns.

Tweaked Walking Plugin

The activity tracker plugin used on this site, as well as on my previous 2020 Presidential Campaign site, was custom designed by myself. Previously this plugin would show a message on the yearly activity page showing when the goal was completed. This has been updated to now show the number of miles still needed in that year, but only if the goal is set and has not been completed yet. At the time of this post, it is still 2019 so the 2020 walking page, as well as the snippet posted on the main fitness page will show the total miles still needed is equal to the goal, or 2020 miles to go. This allows for yet one more layer of transparency and easier calculation of the number of miles still need to complete the years walking goal.

Still working to figure out some issues that cause the total number of miles walked since the beginning of 2017 to present to calculate, but that will most likely come after a rethinking and reprogramming of the plugin to allow for greater flexibility in the displaying of walking miles.