Tweaked Walking Plugin

The activity tracker plugin used on this site, as well as on my previous 2020 Presidential Campaign site, was custom designed by myself. Previously this plugin would show a message on the yearly activity page showing when the goal was completed. This has been updated to now show the number of miles still needed in that year, but only if the goal is set and has not been completed yet. At the time of this post, it is still 2019 so the 2020 walking page, as well as the snippet posted on the main fitness page will show the total miles still needed is equal to the goal, or 2020 miles to go. This allows for yet one more layer of transparency and easier calculation of the number of miles still need to complete the years walking goal.

Still working to figure out some issues that cause the total number of miles walked since the beginning of 2017 to present to calculate, but that will most likely come after a rethinking and reprogramming of the plugin to allow for greater flexibility in the displaying of walking miles.

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