Step Count Coming to Site

Starting at the beginning of 2020 I recorded the daily step count, in addition to the daily miles. This information has been publicly available via a Google Sheet. The plan has been to transfer that information here as well.

Today, September 26, 2020, I have begun to add in the daily step counts, which will be auto calculated at the week & month levels, just like miles. Some tweaking to the plugin I developed for tracking activity, beginning on my campaign site and transitioned to my personal site were necessary. Those tweaks are in place and the number for August 30th through September 25th have been added for 2,020 and the rest will be added over the remaining portion of this weekend.

Update: September 27, 2020 1:24AM: All remaining daily steps for 2020 have been entered and the total steps for the year is now displayed only at the top with the other overall metrics. Corrected that from being display in each section.

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