Site Mission

I must admit, I do have an ulterior motive behind this site. It’s nothing bad. In fact, it’s a good things. The ulterior motive is to have a proper place for testing my WordPress theme, My Simple Theme. I have a site dedicated for testing out new items and this will not be done here. However, this site will give me a place to showcase what the theme has to offer. With that said, let’s get on to the more important mission for this site.

Main Mission

The main mission for this site is to serve as a central place to send people looking for more information about me. That is correct. I have quite a few sites out there already, to showcase this service or that service, but not a single one to share information about me until now. Welcome to official home for the man behind so many amazing services and projects. You can head over to the My Story section to learn more about me, my history, my current items and heck even some future plans.