Family Photos

The saying is that a photo says 1000 words, so here are the family photos I have in my possession.

My Parents

Mom & Day Labor Day 1996
Mom & Dad Labor Day 1996
Mom Halloween
Mom as a witch on Halloween
Bonnie Mann with Rachael Swanhart
Mom with her grand daughter, Rachael
Bonnie Mann (Undated)
Mom dressed up
Bonnie Mann High School Graduate 1991
Mom in Cap and Gown, finally graduating HS, 1991
Mom Gas Pump 1996
Mom Standing next to 76 Gas Pump, 1996

Bonnie Mann, 1994
My Mom in the front yard on 90th Street South LA, 1994


Trina & Dad
Trina & Dad
Trina, Dixie & Dad
Trina, Niece Dixie & Dad
Trina & Rachael
Trina & Daughter, Rachael