My Virtual Real Estate

I own no real life real estate. I do have a few pieces of virtual real estate. Keep in mind, this does not include social media presence. Social media space is rented or borrowed space. I personally own a list of domains. What I am talking about here are domains I personally have paid for. Some will still see it as rented (paid for up to a certain period of time). Here is the list and what each is used for.

Frugal Eco Vegan

My Vegan journey, along with encouraging and supporting others who might consider this lifestyle change as well.

Explore Rosamond

Rosamond, CA, an unincorporated town of around 20,000 people (according to the 2010 census). I felt it was a good thing to start a site here focusing on what is available here.

Live In The Bible

Live in the Bible is my imprisonment ministry. I provide information about various resources, with links to ministries with web sites. In addition, I provide several versions of the Bible on site.

I Do Web Work

My combined WordPress Design & Web Design Training site. I specialize in WordPress, as well as open source software tools for designing and editing photos and videos. In addition, I am in the process of setting up a YouTube channel for this brand.

Mann Notary

I provide local Notary Public services to people living in Rosamond, CA. Notary services are provided on an appointment basis.

I Can Get Fit

As a former personal trainer, I wish there was a resource like this around for me. The goal of this site is to provide fitness resources, like step training and tools to track activity.