My Virtual Real Estate

While I own no real life real estate, I do have quite a collection of virtual real estate. Keep in mind, this does not include social media presence, as that is rented/borrowed space. What I am talking about here are domains I personally have paid for, which some still will see as rented as it is paid for up to a certain date in time, then renewed. Here is the laundry list and what each is used for.

The main purpose of this site is to show my journey of becoming vegan, but also to encourage and support others who might consider this lifestyle change.


This site was inspired when I relocated into Rosamond, CA. Since this is an unincorporated town of around 20,000 people (according to the 2010 census), I felt it was a good thing to start a site here focusing on what is available here.

The Frugal.Club

This started as a way to showcase how to shop wisely, not paying more than is necessary. Making wiser purchases can go a long way to saving your wallet. A big part of this centered around my life at the time, but I have recently become Vegan & my shopping habits have changed. Might consolidate at some point in the future with

Frugal Web Guy

My Web Design / Development training site. The main focus is WordPress, but there are also various resources including clipart I created & photos I have taken.