Williamsport PA January 1997 through November 2009

American Red Cross 2003-2006

While attending Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport in the fall of 2003, I was asked by a college professor if I would accompany him to a meeting at the local Red Cross office. I did and ended up assisting the Chapter in a Fundraiser web site. This lead to a call from the Exceutive Director to come in for a meeting, which landing me a job at the Chapter, assisting with in-office computer items and working on the Chapter’s Web site.

North Central PA Chapter American Red Cross
Northcentral PA Williamsport office 2003 (Photo credit: me)

The following year, while working with the Health and Safety Director, I was given an opportunity to become an instructor. As I was already certified at the Professional Rescuer level, and a  Certified Personal Trainer, I was bridged over as a Professional Rescuer Instructor, teaching CPR at the Professional and Community levels, as well as first aid. This ended up turning into an amazing opportunity to become a babysitter instructor and even an Instructor in Pediatric First Aid.

In addition, I also assisted the Chapter in ensuring items were being done in compliance with standards, set forth by National. This included insuring the American Red Cross logo was being used correctly on all item, including photo IDs templates such as the one I developed for those working in the building: general staff, volunteers, and instructors alike.

American Red Cross Instructor ID
American Red Cross Photo ID I created while working for the chapter

Working closely with the Health and Safety Director, I assisted in streamlining the ordering process for Chapter materials, as well as security for said materials, covering all 3 county offices: Lycoming, Clinton, and Tioga counties. Over the course of the 3 years I was an instructor for the Chapter, I taught or assisted with the teaching of over 100 classes and was even allowed to schedule and teach day time classes in the office on my days off from computer work.

My in-office technical support position was phased out in June 2006, but I was allowed to continue teaching CPR/First Aid classes for the Chapter until I quit that position in November 2006.