Move to Rosamond, CA

2013 to Present

Prior to 2013, I lived in Los Angeles CA, Lancaster CA and even on the streets for a bit. But in 2013, I moved along with my brother, his wife, and his son to Rosamond. At first it was crazy as there is no local bus service here. There is a county wide bus that assists in me making my way into Lancaster, a city to the south, which allows me to connect to Los Angeles via the Metrolink.

Growing up in Los Angeles, I learned to use public transportation to get around. I actually prefer it to driving, even though driving can get you to places and allow you to move around on your schedule easier.

I have set up Mann Notary, as I am a California Notary Public, as well as my Web Development business, Michael Mann Web Development. I also operate a few side projects including Explore Rosamond, a local business directory and accompanying Facebook page, both of which has garnished a small bit of local popularity.

In late 2016 I decided to push for a run for President of the United States in 2020.