Transparent Disclosures

Spent some time overnight and a little this afternoon to get up items from my 2020 Presidential Campaign site.

  • A big chuck of my Navy Records can be found by clicking the Navy Documents Link on my Employment History, located under Work and Criminal History link in the sidebar.
  • Redacted pay stubs previously posted to the campaign site are up. I will be clearing the back log of paystubs from where I seem to have left off to present. These can be found under the Financial Disclosure link in the sidebar. Also coming will be my tax returns.

Tweaked Walking Plugin

The activity tracker plugin used on this site, as well as on my previous 2020 Presidential Campaign site, was custom designed by myself. Previously this plugin would show a message on the yearly activity page showing when the goal was completed. This has been updated to now show the number of miles still needed in that year, but only if the goal is set and has not been completed yet. At the time of this post, it is still 2019 so the 2020 walking page, as well as the snippet posted on the main fitness page will show the total miles still needed is equal to the goal, or 2020 miles to go. This allows for yet one more layer of transparency and easier calculation of the number of miles still need to complete the years walking goal.

Still working to figure out some issues that cause the total number of miles walked since the beginning of 2017 to present to calculate, but that will most likely come after a rethinking and reprogramming of the plugin to allow for greater flexibility in the displaying of walking miles.

Save the Damn Congo Merch 2

The first attempt, as can be seen over at the Save the Damn Congo Merch post used a non 100% cotton shirt and hoodie. This attempt using a 100% cotton shirt, available in 4 colors, both in adult & youth sizes. All money raised from this will be delivered to Vanessa in Africa. I will keep no money from this and will personally cover the taxes from this fundraiser, as I am not a non-profit. You can also give a donation through this campaign, which again will be given to Vanessa to help bring awareness to the #ClimateCrisis being felt in Africa.

Save the Damn Congo Shirt - Gold

Save the Damn Congo Shirt – White

Save the Damn Congo Shirt - Irish Green

Save the Damn Congo Shirt – Irish Green

Save the Damn Congo Shirt - Royal

Save the Damn Congo Shirt – Royal

Save the Damn Congo Shirt - White

Save the Damn Congo Shirt – White

The logo was designed by me and the four colors of shirt chosen for this design are gold, irish green, royal and white. Unlike the previous attempt, these will be printed as there is no minimum order size required by Bonfire. All shirts are $20, both adult and youth sizes. Moneys raised and distributed will be fully disclosed. However, the information for individuals will not be disclosed.

Save the Damn Congo Merch

This past Friday I did a local Climate Strike by myself in the town where I live. Rather than trying to find a place to sit or stand, I instead stuck a sign on a green shirt I have and took a normal walk around the town. This inspired me to continue that activism and assist the woman in Africa who inspired this action. So I have setup a t-shirt and hoodie with the message from the sign over on We just need 9 purchases to go to print. Looking to sell at least 50 on this run, with all proceeds going to help this young woman, Vanessa Nakate, increase the awareness of the Congo Rain Forest fires as well as Climate Change awareness across Africa.

Save the Damin Congo T-Shirt ($20.00)
Save the Damin Congo T-Shirt ($20.00)
Save the Damin Congo Hoodie ($30.00)
Save the Damin Congo Hoodie ($30.00)

Brand New Site

I previously set this site up under While that domain worked for me when I set it up, I decided I needed to see if I could get someone with my full first and last name in the domain. Of course was owned by the movie producer, but I kinda like the .space domain extension. Seeing that MichaelMann.Space was available, I snatched it up and am now in the process of first moving over here, and then expanding on the content to give an insight into my life.