1400 Miles Walked So Far In 2020

Hitting mile 1400 for the year on September 01, 2020 is huge. So huge in fact that compared to 2019, I did not hit mile 1,400 until November 17th. Add on top the #COVID19 pandemic and wearing a face covering when I walk. to hit this milestone this quickly is huge. Add in that this is the first full calendar year’s worth of walking I will complete as a #Vegan and things are even more amazing. So much for Vegan’s suffering from vitamin or mineral deficiency, huh?

The plan is to complete this years walk goal of 2,020 miles walked by Halloween by working to push out 10 miles per day until then. And as always, the miles are transparently disclosed on a daily basis as well as per 100 miles walked on the Vegan Miles page.

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